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The Ten Essential Tools An Electrician Must Have

An electrical work necessitates the use of essential tools and tools to have better results in their work and projects. They use these tools to get the job done with precise detail and accuracy. These tools are the most commonly used by an electrical technician and can be purchased at any hardware or electrical tool stores.

1. Tape Measure
It is probably the most essential tool that they must carry or tuck in their belt at all times. They use it to measure the height and width they need to make adjustments or changes in an existing set up or installation design. It helps them become more aware of the exact measurement that they will require for a specific project. They also use it to align lighting fixture positions.

2. Fish Tape
This is used to pull any solid wire to be inserted into a PVC pipe. Applying a lube makes the job easy when pulling wires through a pipe.

3. Voltmeters
A voltmeter is another handy tool that the electrical technician must carry all the time because it is the most effective gauge to determine whether the voltages measured are indeed live and active.

4. Hammer
It is basically used to secure the screws or nail on brackets in any given electrical work. It is also essential when the need to keep the wires firm and fixed arises.

5. Wire Strippers/Cutters
It is a very essential and handy tool that is necessary to cut off the insulation of any wire size. Its various cutting teeth designed for all size of wires proves very valuable especially the built in cutter in the middle portion in order to have an accurately cut wire.

6. Channel Lock Pliers
It is proven effective when eliminating the knock outs in a box, tighten and fix connectors and adjust the expansions in a fan.

7. Non Contact Voltage Detector
Compared to a voltage detector where a quick check must be done whether a wire is active or not, this one is more convenient and easy to use. Most of the non contact voltage detector works automatically. Just place the other end of the tracer into an outlet, breaker or live cord, and once the small bulb inside lights up, the connection is ok.

8. Linesman Pliers
These is an important tool because it is the perfect example of a do it all gadget that is truly multi tasking. It can cut, twist, grip, or pull wires. It comes with a squared off end which proves very efficient when twisting a group of wires as one, The center part has a cutter and a longer grip handles for a better hold and grasp.

9. Side Cutter/ Diagonal Pliers
Oftentimes called as side snips, this is a functional tool that effectively cut wires. It is a great tool to use when reaching for wires confined in tight areas but needs to be cut precisely. Some of its latest release versions come with live wire detection abilities.

10. Torpedo Level
A torpedo level makes sure the work is precise, accurate, level, aligned, and consistent. It is best used when installing light switches and electrical outlet.

An electrical technician equips themselves with the essential tools to have the task done precisely and without any room for mistakes. It is the tools that makes up and define how ready he is to face any demands of the job judging by the tools they have on their tool box alone. These ten tools are a must have in every gadget box of an electrical technician.

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