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How important is safety to you?!

Protecting your family against potential electrocution is paramount. Having a safety switch installed onto any new circuit 20amps or under or where an existing circuit is modified, is law under the new electrical standard, introduced in July 2008

A Residual Current Device or RCD (also known as a safety switch), are an insurance against electric shock. They are installed in your switchboard and work in conjunction with your circuit breakers or fuses. They are designed to prevent injury or death. They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. They automatically shut off the electricity supply when current is detected leaking from faulty switches, wiring or electrical appliances. This stops the chance of current flowing to earth, through a person, electrocuting them. Installing a safety switch is an inexpensive safety measure that protects everyone.

With the over-abundance of electrical appliances, electronic equipment, and airconditioners etc, it has never been more important to make sure your switchboard is up to the task when it comes to protecting your family.

Re-wireable (porcelain) fuse style switchboards, are still found in many older homes, especially unrenovated ones and rental properties.This style of fuse provides the bare minimum of protection for you and your family, if the wrong size or type of fuse wire has been used, it can actually cause a dangerous situation or fire.

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Replacing your old style fuse box with an updated circuit breaker type will give you much greater protection against overload and short circuit in your electrical system, we'll also advise you about the added protection of installing or replacing a safety switch.Under the new electrical standard that was introduced in July 2008, a safety switch must be installed onto any new circuit 20amps or under or where an existing circuit is modified.

If you require it, we can upgrade or replace your entire meterbox, mains and point of entry, (this is the black box on the front of your house where the cables join from the power pole). If you intend on renovating or extending your home, installing larger style or multiple a/c units, you may need to upgrade the point of entry, incoming mains and meterbox/main switchboard.

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